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The RADARSAT-MAMM Automated Mission Planner

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The Modified Antarctic Mapping Mission MAMM) was conducted from September to November 2000 onboard RADARSAT. The mission plan consisted of more than 2400 synthetic aperture radar data acquisitions of Antarctica that achieved the scientific objectives and obeyed RADARSAT's resource and operational constraints. Mission planning is a time- and knowledge-intensive effort. This article describes the design and use of the automated mission planning system for MAMM, which dramatically reduced mission-planning costs to just a few workweeks and enabled rapid generation of what-if scenarios for evaluating alternative mission designs.

Free Trip Planner Helps Pedestrians Find Accessible Routes

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All of the information that Access Map uses is already available; it was just in a variety of data sets that had to be merged into one, usable format. The ubiquitous Google Maps has a pedestrian function but includes none of the pedestrian-relevant information that Access Map has. It will, for instance, only offer the direct, two-block route to Westlake Whole Foods, regardless of a pedestrian's ability to handle the steep hill.

Adaptive planning


See also: Issues in Adaptive Planning, UC Berkeley CSD-87, 1987Cognitive Science, 12, 393-422

Route planner Citymapper experiments with its own bus service


Citymapper is known for its popular route-planning app that helps people get around town. This week, though, the company is taking a more active approach to transportation, operating an actual bus route in London. CMX1 will only run from Tuesday, May 9th, through Wednesday, and it'll be free for all passengers. As you'd expect, it'll also feature in the Citymapper app and show up in route suggestions where appropriate. But what might surprise you is this isn't quite the marketing stunt it appears at first to be.

Planning for 2019? These are our favorite planners for next year

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About every three months, I find myself wondering if there's a better planner out there. I have a major case of "Planner FOMO" and have watched and read more planner unboxing videos and reviews than I care to admit. Even before I embarked on this review, I had a pretty large stack of planners that I cycled through and sometimes even used simultaneously. But my years of planner research mean you won't have to spend this much time finding the right one! My obsession is justified, hurrah!