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Woman Adds Realism to Healthcare Simulations

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The more I can create a stressful situation for them in a very safe setting, the more that teaches them to adapt in real life,

Automatic Verification and Validation of a CAS Simulation of an Intensive Care Unit

AAAI Conferences

Complex adaptive systems (CAS) promise to be useful in modeling and understanding real-world phenomena, but remain difficult to validate and verify. The authors present an adaptive, tool-chain-based approach to continuous validation and verification that allows the subject matter experts (SMEs) and modelers to interact in a useful manner. A CAS simulation of the ICU at the Mayo Clinic is used as a working example to illustrate the method and its benefits.

Chimpanzees help researchers improve machine learning of animal simulations


Using the scan the team generated a skeletal model and a skin outline. The skeletal model was then used to define joint positions, muscle paths and limb contact points for the simulation. This was then used to analyse the chimpanzee's gait, the pattern of movement animals (including humans) make whilst walking. In evolutionary biomechanics – the study of evolution through movement processes – it is often thought that gaits of all animals evolved to use the least amount energy whilst travelling. However, using the chimpanzee model, the research team are proving that this is no longer the case.

Inside the European Union's high-tech nerve agent attack simulation

New Scientist

SEVERAL people have collapsed at an airport terminal, showing signs of nerve agent poisoning. Responders in hazmat suits arrive and must urgently determine what chemical people have been exposed to and prevent further casualties.

Japan to hold coronavirus vaccination simulation

The Japan Times

Japan will hold a coronavirus vaccination simulation in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, on Wednesday, the minister in charge of vaccination efforts said. Taro Kono, who also serves as administrative reform minister, revealed the plan as Japan prepares to begin novel coronavirus vaccinations by late February, after checking the safety and efficacy of vaccines. "We will assess how long it will take (to vaccinate) and how big the system needs to be. Then we will inform municipalities of the results," Kono said during a House of Representatives Budget Committee meeting. Calling vaccination a key measure against the coronavirus, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said at the same meeting he wants to "swiftly bring vaccines to the people," vowing to provide accurate information about the effects.