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Developing Machine Learning Skills on the Job - DATAVERSITY


Data continues to inhabit every facet of human existence and so the need for competent Data Scientists to help leverage the insights from that data will invariably increase for the foreseeable future. According to a past EMC Data Scientist Study and the 2015 Global IT Report, the amounts of data created by the year 2020 will be upwards to 44 times what they were in 2009. Data Scientists use Machine Learning (ML) skills to develop powerful algorithms to make sense of the avalanche of data. Thus, Data Scientists with superior Machine Learning skills will be the transformative heroes of the digital world. Machine Learning teaches computers to conduct particular tasks like pattern diagnosis and recognition, planning, or prediction without the presence of any programming control ML generates "algorithms" that turn into self-teaching entities when exposed to data.

Deep Q Learning with Keras and Gym – IIoT & Machine Learning


This blog post will demonstrate how deep reinforcement learning (deep q learning) can be implemented and applied to play a CartPole game using Keras and Gym, in only 78 lines of code! I'll explain everything without requiring any prerequisite knowledge about reinforcement learning.

Machine Learning, an integral part of Artificial Intelligence


This is just the beginning. Technology, which promises to bring huge changes to the world in coming years, is nothing but Machine Learning. It is an essential part of Artificial Intelligence research and gained the highest limelight in business. Due to the wide usage of digital devices, Machine Learning has offered a revolutionary way of solving tasks which can be data analysis, classification, forecasting, image recognition, etc.

5 Top Machine Learning Podcasts - Machine Learning Mastery


There are now enough of us interested in this obscure geeky topic that there are podcasts dedicated to chatting about the ins and outs of predictive modeling. There has never been a better time to get started and working in this amazing field. In this post, I want to share the 5 podcasts on machine learning and data science that I listen to. Here's the short list of machine learning podcasts that I currently listen to: I've tried a number of others, but they have fallen out of my listening cycle. This is a high-quality show that includes segments on technique explanation, listener questions and a main interview.