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Now you can chat in any living language of the globe through the wonderful chat rendering and application, Chat Translator and Keyboard. This Multilingual-Translation application translates all the famous languages to any language you want. These languages include English, French, German, African, Arabic, Hindu, Urdu, and many more. English into Hindi Translator: Arabic into English Translator lets you chat with people from around the world. You don't have to worry about chatting with people whose languages are different from yours.

English to Hindi Translation Protocols for an Enterprise Crowd

AAAI Conferences

We present early results on crowd sourcing translations in an enterprise setting. We show that several weak translators can together converge to translation quality higher than individually plausible. We share learning about post editing of translations and the effort perceived by the crowd. A key observation is that a protocol “ machine-human-human ” that utilizes two-hop post editing can provide an almost expert quality translation. Finally, we discuss methods that can choose the best translation among several candidates.

Duolingo launches Hindi language course for English speakers


Today, Duolingo's Hindi language course for English speakers officially launched on its website. The course is not yet available on iOS or Android apps, but it will be making its way to these devices in the future. The course has been in development for over a year; Kanan Gupta is the lead creator. Hindi is the second-most spoken language around the world, according to The Washington Post, with almost 600 million speakers as of 2015. India is one of Duolingo's top 10 markets worldwide, with 10.1 million domestic users, so launching a Hindi course makes sense for the company.

Attention Blog Hindi to English Translation


Hindi obviously has a lot more words. It's easy enough to notice the lack of gender specificity to many words in English language while Hindi is specific about things like kanga and kangi, a non living thing but it still has feminine and masculine names for it, while English lacks this. At the same time the relations within Hindi are highly specific most relations have a proper name instead of just using in-law with everything and calling everyone your aunt and uncle.

Introduction To SEO Based Content Writing (Hindi)


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