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Machine Learning - Predictions with ordinal logistic regression - Michael Fuchs


Now, let's look at the fit on the training data and the corresponding confusion matrix. Our model performs only marginally better on the training data than our baseline model. We can see why this is the case: it predicts the average class (1) very often. Now we want to try this again with the test set. As you can see, we get a pretty much identical situation.

Tribune Publishing's No.2 shareholder pushes for sale

Los Angeles Times

The second-largest shareholder of Los Angeles Times owner Tribune Publishing said Wednesday that passing up a buyout offer from rival publishing company Gannett could "destroy enormous shareholder value." In a letter sent to Tribune's board and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, downtown L.A. investment firm Oaktree Capital Management made clear it wants the board to reconsider selling to Gannett and raised serious concerns about the turnaround plans of new Tribune Chairman Michael Ferro. The board this month rejected an offer of 12.25 a share from Gannett, which responded this week by raising that offer to 15 a share. That's a 99% premium to Tribune Publishing's stock price before Gannett went public with its proposal last month. Oaktree, which owns 14.8% of Tribune Publishing's shares, this month urged the company's board to negotiate with Gannett.

Cyber insurance premiums to outpace all others, according to a global analysis from Aon


A series of commercial global P&C insurance market reports from Aon Inpoint, Aon's data, analytics, engagement and consulting team, found that by 2021 the most rapid growth of premiums will be seen in cyber insurance products. In addition, the financial institutions, mining and minerals, and technology and media sectors are expected to expand rapidly in comparison to other industry segments. Aon's series of global studies looked at insurance purchased by corporate, public sector and not-for-profit organisations between 2013 and 2017 and forecasted trends into 2021. Over the past five years, cyber premiums saw the most significant growth at 23% annually and by 2021, Aon predicts that worldwide premiums will be worth $4 billion, a compound annual growth rate of 14.1 percent. "As we look ahead, we are seeing a broad shift of companies putting a greater value on intangible assets, such as cyber and intellectual property," said Michael Moran, CEO of Aon Inpoint.

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The final homework assignment for CS545 Machine Learning was to implement a K-means clustering algorithm to cluster and classify the OptDigits data. The raw data looks something like the figures to the left. So these instances are fields of 0's whereby some 0's have been flipped to be 1's such that the image is recognizable (to humans) as a handwritten digit. For the K-means classifier, we ran 2 different experiments. The first expeiment used 10 centroids (one per digit), the second used 30 centroids to see if it could find clusters where the handwritten digits were different enough to notice differences.