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CDC adds new possible symptoms of coronavirus

Boston Herald

Chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain and headache have now been added to the CDC's list of possible coronavirus symptoms. The new list, posted on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site, also states sore throat and loss of taste or smell as possible symptoms of COVID-19. People who have come down with COVID-19 have commented in multiple reports about the loss of taste. "People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness," the CDC states. The nation's top public health agency adds the symptoms "may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus."

Boris Johnson extends self-isolation due to coronavirus symptoms

FOX News

Johnson says he will continue to lead COVID-19 response efforts in the U.K. while in insolation with mild symptoms. Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday announced that he is extending his time in self-isolation as he continues to have symptoms of the coronavirus -- a week after he tested positive for the highly contagious virus. "Although I'm feeling better and I've done my seven days of isolation, alas I still have one of the symptoms, a minor symptom," he said on a video message posted to Twitter. "I still have a temperature and so, in accordance with government advice, I must continue my self-isolation until that symptom itself goes."

Once Rare Ailment Now Seen More Often

U.S. News

"This is a very difficult disease to diagnose without the MRIs," said Dr. Ian Heger, chief of pediatric neurosurgery at the children's hospital. "So the initial sense of this being an orphan disease and not very common was really based on that old piece of information because we just didn't see it. People have these symptoms but at that point they were getting CT scans and they didn't really see what the problem was. When we started doing more and more MRIs and we started seeing Chiari malformations, it became apparent that this actually causes more symptoms than we initially thought."

Exclusive: More Than 2,200 Indonesians Have Died With Coronavirus Symptoms, Data Shows

U.S. News

The most current data from the 16 provinces shows there were 2,212 deaths of patients under supervision because they have acute coronavirus symptoms. Indonesia's health ministry uses the acronym PDP to classify these patients when there is no other clinical explanation for their symptoms.

Acknowledging odd coronavirus symptoms is vital to stopping its spread

New Scientist

THE UK has three, the US 11 and Australia 14. That is according to advice from each country's health body. The answer is: it doesn't. The disparity is a reflection of how little we have known about the symptoms of covid-19, until now. What we initially thought of as a respiratory disease is in fact a much more formidable enemy.