Vehicles Powered by Artificial Intelligence Will Eliminate Uncertainty in Traveling


Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, recently told the WSJDLive Conference that he would like his car to not just drive him to work, but to recognize who he is, set up his conference calls, and handle just about all the functions of a personal assistant. In the near future, personal artificial intelligence engines will read your emails, create travel itineraries, and summon your autonomous vehicle--all without you having to ask. This knowledge, combined with real-time traffic and route data, will allow your personal artificial intelligence engine to pre-summon an autonomous vehicle for your journey to ensure that you arrive on time. In particular, with the introduction of personal artificial intelligence (A.I.) engines and on-demand autonomous vehicles, the uncertainty of traveling to and from major international airports will be eliminated, and travelers will experience effortless commutes. Anyone who has ever departed from a major congested airport knows that arriving on time is not always easy.


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Consumer protection agencies are charged with safeguarding the public from hazardous products, but the thousands of products under their jurisdiction make it challenging to identify and respond to consumer complaints quickly. In this paper, we propose a system to mine

Switching gears, BlackBerry opens autonomous vehicle hub


BlackBerry's track record for mobile security and leadership in automotive software makes moving into autonomous driving research a natural fit, the company's chief executive John Chen said Monday at the opening of a new research centre in Kanata, Ont. "Autonomous vehicles require software that is extremely sophisticated and highly secure," Chen said. "Our innovation track record in mobile security and our demonstrated leadership in automotive software make us ideally suited to dominate the market for embedded intelligence in the cars of the future." Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended the launch of the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Centre (AVIC) by the Waterloo, Ont.-based smartphone pioneer. "With the opening of its innovation centre in Ottawa, BlackBerry is helping to establish our country as the global leader in software and security for connected car and autonomous vehicle development," Trudeau said.

Inexperience, Hazardous Conditions Cited in NC Drowning

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The Daily Advance of Elizabeth City reports that documents it obtained from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission cites those factors in the death of 19-year-old Rahul Devineni of Cary on March 8 in the Currituck Sound.

MIT event to promote U.S.-China cooperation on machine learning, autonomous vehicles & more


MIT-CHIEF, a not-for-profit student group that promotes cooperation between the United States and China in technology and innovation, is readying its annual conference with a focus on machine learning, new materials and more. The MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (CHIEF) Annual Conference, to be held Nov. 12-13 at MIT, will feature 6 panels and 6 keynote speeches that in addition to the topics cited above, will hit on energy, advanced manufacturing, healthcare and autonomous driving. Speakers will include those from academia and industry, including venture capital firms, and represent outfits such as Microsoft, Stanford University and AutoX.