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3 Tips on choosing the right online assessment software


Good assessment software should have a built-analytics feature that will make it easy to calculate scores automatically as soon as the test is over and makes it easy for participants and the assessors to view the scores. The generated result should show the key performance in real-time, assess individual session statistics and evaluate individual and group results.

What Artificial Intelligence Means to the Present and Future of Sales


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in sales -- truthfully in any industry -- requires a new level of strategic thinking for how we work. The obvious benefit is that AI, in some areas, can make judgments cheaper, faster, and possibly better than any human can. Yes, that might sound scary to quite a few salespeople. But what if you could eliminate the need for every single salesperson to do basic risk assessments? What if you took away their spreadsheets and left those assessments to AI?

DevOps Self Assessment - For The Enterprise. Please scroll down to begin the assessment.


The following questionnaire helps you know perhaps, where in the process are you and if you are moving in the right direction. A second opinion is to see what you will get here by completing the assessment form below. During the process, you will also get to know what are different questions one need to ask, during an DevOps implementation initiative we have done. Please let us know if we could help you by sending email to . Please put "DevOps Assessment Response" in the subject line.

Toward a Computational Model of Transfer

AI Magazine

This article focuses on a broad framing of the DARPA Transfer Learning Program research and an assessment of its progress, limitations, and challenges, from an admittedly personal but DARPA-influenced perspective. I will focus on a broad framing of TL that that will allow us to talk about this body of work as a whole, and use this to look towards work yet to be done in this area. I will consider both indicated application areas for transfer learning, as well as indicated future research challenges. With each of these I will also venture assessment of the "ripeness" of each of these subareas for follow on work-of course this assessment will be a very personal estimation based on the effort and progress made during the TL program.

Digital Defense acquired to bolster HelpSystems' security assessment portfolio


Digital Defense has been acquired by HelpSystems in a bid to improve the firm's vulnerability management and penetration testing services. On Wednesday, HelpSystems said the purchase of Digital Defense will assist "threat-weary" IT teams by providing additional tools and services to improve infrastructure security and risk assessment capabilities. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Founded in 1999, San Antonio, Texas-based Digital Defense is a cybersecurity firm that provides a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to enterprise clients. The platform includes vulnerability scanning, network asset analysis, and risk score generation to help IT teams focus remediation efforts.