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Top 9 emojis if you're, like, really into graphs


When you think of emojis, you may think of the popular ones first. For instance, there's the smiley faces, the hearts, the flame, and the ultra popular closed umbrella (). But what if you wanted to use emojis to just talk graphs with a fellow graph fan? Well you're in luck, because Apple had the foresight to include an array of graphs in their emoji selection; they're just a little hard to find! A bar graph has everything you love about graphs: bars, colors, and data.

A Compendium of Clean Graphs in R


When done right, graphs can be appealing, informative, and of considerable value to an academic article. We surmise that this is because researchers do not completely master their graphing software, and they are either too lazy or too busy to remedy the situation. Consequently, the produced graph is often a severe distortion of the ideal Platonian graph that the researcher had in mind initially.

Graph Analytics Using Big Data


Graphs are one of the most popular computer science concepts. They have been extensively used in real world applications be it a GPS on your phone or GPS device in your car that shows you the shortest path to your destination to a social network that suggests you friends that you can add to your list, graphs are everywhere. As the amount of data increases the concepts of graphs (breadth first search, Djikstra's etc.) all remain the same but the way the graphs are actually built changes. If you take the case of a social network, a particular person in a network can have hundreds of connections in his network and those connections might be further connected to hundreds of other users which may be physically in a different country altogether. Storing all this information in a typical relational database would not scale at all. Hence, we need specific technologies that cater to this scale of data and hence the usage of big data and big data system.

What Is a Graph Database and Property Graph


While other databases compute relationships expensively at query time, only a database that embraces relationships as a core aspect of it's data con provide efficient, real-time value. Graph databases utilize relationships to excel at managing highly connected data and complex queries. Learn more here.

From the Social Graph to the Real World Graph


From the social graph to the physical graph - how understanding people s real world behavior at a detailed level will change industries. Like Google indexed the web and Facebook indexed social, we are now seeing the real world being indexed. With proximity technology and sensors, we finally have the ability to understand real world behavior at a detailed level (indoors, precise and contextual) and in real-time. Unacast operates the world's largest platform of proximity data with already close to 2 million beacons, building the real world graph. What does this mean for bots, AI, marketing, e-commerce, apps, retail, analytics and a whole range of data-driven industries?