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The unbelievably true story behind the April Fools' Day Hamburger Helper mixtape

Los Angeles Times

And it's about a processed food product. It's "Watch the Stove," the shockingly good mixtape released by Hamburger Helper for April Fools' Day. Well, the songs, including "Feed the Streets" and "In Love With the Glove," are about the packaged food product and include lyrics like "if you catch me at the stove, I was whippin' up a bowl" and "hold up I told you I'm servin' that stroganoff." Hamburger Helper was trending worldwide on Twitter just hours after the album dropped. "It's really taken off," Taylor Madrigal told me.

Critics Say Helpers of Homeless Do Them No Favors

U.S. News

On the dusty riverbed 30 miles (48 kilometers) north, a van furnished with shower stalls parks alongside the homeless encampment; those living in the string of tattered tents add their names to a list of dozens waiting to bathe. While the mobile unit aims to help those living on the trash-strewn strip, neighbors worry the 2-mile-long (3-kilometer-long) encampment is becoming more entrenched in an area where they once jogged and biked.

Help for the Helpers at Interfaith

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Among the wide-ranging programs of the agency is its thrift store at 718 N. Pine Ave., Ocala. Proceeds from the store go to fund the Emergency Prescription Program, through which those who are needy or do not have insurance can get prescriptions for illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and heart problems. Interfaith spends between $40,000 and $60,000 annually meeting this need. In addition, roughly $10,000 to $15,000 of the donated inventory from the store goes to help families in need each year.

Hungary Seeks Sanctions Against Helpers of Illegal Migration

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Interior Minister Sandor Pinter said Wednesday that such groups would have to register with the courts and pay a 25 percent tax on funds received from abroad. Groups failing to register, and which the authorities consider to be adding illegal migrants, could be fined.