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Composite economic index down in February

The Japan Times

The composite index of economic indicators, reflecting the current state of the economy, fell in February, the government said Wednesday. The index of coincident indicators, such as industrial output, retail sales and new job offers, declined 3.2 points from the previous month to 110.3 against the 2010 base of 100, the Cabinet Office said in a preliminary report. The index of leading indicators, which predicts developments in the coming months, declined 2 points to 99.8, while that of lagging indicators, meaning economic performance in the recent past, was flat at 114.8. The government kept intact its basic assessment of the coincident index, saying it is "pausing."

One of the Most Important Recession Indicators Is Beginning to Flash. Is It Time to Worry Yet?


Unless you spend your day glued to a Bloomberg terminal or mainlining CNBC, you might have missed the news late last week that the yield curve for U.S. Treasury bonds "inverted" for the first time since 2007. This dry-sounding development has led to a great deal of speculation on Wall Street and in the financial press about whether an economic downturn might finally be on the way. As the Wall Street Journal's James Mackintosh put it, "The market's most reliable recession indicator is finally flashing red." Why does this have people so worried? The yield curve has inverted in the lead-up to all nine U.S. recessions since 1955.

Increasing Countries' Happiness


This project is devoted to the important topic of country development and happiness. My goal was to visualize countries' standing on different important World Development indicators and Happiness and to explore the relationship between different country development metrics and country Happiness. The result was a R Shiny app you could explore here. I had to spend quite some time on selecting just a subset of all available development indicators for a subset of years and then merging 2014 development indicators with 2015 happiness scores. I imagine officials of some country as potential users of my app.

Recommender System with Mahout and Elasticsearch


This tutorial will describe how a surprisingly small amount of code can be used to build a recommendation engine using the MapR Sandbox for Hadoop with Apache Mahout and Elasticsearch. This tutorial will run on the MapR Sandbox. The tutorial also requires Elasticsearch and Mahout to be installed on the sandbox. Step 1: Indexing the movie meta data in Elasticsearch In Elasticsearch, documents contain fields which are, by default, all indexed. Typically documents are written as a single-level JSON structure.

Forex and Futures: Cumulative Delta indicator


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