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Challenging times with Python and ArcPy for ArcGIS Pro


Have you ever been asked to automate a mapping task, which starts out from a very simple set of requirements, only to have more requirements emerge each time you show the stakeholders your solution? Being skilled, and agile enough, to keep meeting expanding requirements is guaranteed to delight your stakeholders, and give you immense personal satisfaction, for a job well done. In this course, I'll go through such a scenario, by setting a few initial requirements, that I would like you to meet using Python and ArcPy for ArcGIS Pro, and encouraging you to try and do that, before providing my solution to those requirements. I'll then expand upon those requirements, encourage you to upgrade your solution, and then provide my solution to the new requirements. So that you are not kept in the dark about our end goal, I've attached a multi-page PDF file to the course, which illustrates the output of the final requirements.

DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals Exam Prep In One Day


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The business LMS – from basic requirement to learning ecosystem MATRIX Blog


Learning management systems are not new to corporate learning; they have been around for quite some time and each year more and more are released. What an LMS basically does is host, distribute, record and report on all learning that goes on within an organization. Apart from that, there are many more additional features that companies ask for and expect today. Probably the most difficult one to incorporate is tracking all informal learning and using the information to provide highly personalized learning. The LMS is the critical component to the entire e-learning program, acting both as the foundation (by incorporating all the modules) and as the engine (by providing the environment in which learners can access them and suggesting various topics based on curriculum and personal interest).

How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Education


Artificial Intelligence in education seems to have a bright future. It is because of the helpful nature of AI technology, which also helps us take perfect pictures, automatically park cars, and so on. AI is moving towards becoming a soothing and helpful non-human companion for us. AI startup funding by venture capitalists has skyrocketed six times since 2000, according to Adobe. Artificial Intelligence is considered as the most crucial element required to build digital transformation solutions for the future.

AI Based Defensive Systems Impact on Cybercriminal Strategy


For most organizations today, A.I. is primarily thought of as an assistive technology in the cybersecurity space; a type of force multiplier for other solutions. But if you are really paying attention and doing the research, you quickly come to the conclusion that it is just a matter of time before A.I. cyber defense solutions will be an essential requirement in order to be able to manage threats and vulnerabilities. Strategically, it is an arms race between threat actors and defenders. Organizations will need to keep parity with A.I. technology, or they will absolutely be at a disadvantage. Ideally, the future of AI will bring a new era of innovation and productivity, where human ingenuity is enhanced by speed and precision.