Microsoft, Nvidia work to speed up AI platform powering Cortana


Thanks to artificial intelligence, we have autonomous cars, chat bots, and speech recognition. Microsoft's CNTK (Cognitive Toolkit) is one among many platforms that trains computers to learn, and it's getting an upgrade. CNTK drives the Microsoft services Cortana and Skype language translation, and it boasts more than 90 percent accuracy in speech recognition tasks. Microsoft will soon release an upgraded CNTK toolkit, and one hardware maker wants to ensure the toolkit works best on its hardware. Nvidia is partnering with Microsoft to optimize its GPU development tools for CNTK.

Apple's Siri Assistant To Leap Amazon Echo


US tech giant Apple is reportedly not working on Siri-powered speaker just like Amazon Echo, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based speaker that can be controlled by voice. "The future goal of the technology is to utilize Siri as an'omnipresent AI assistant across devices' rather than have a central hub," Times reported on last week. How Siri would become omnipresent is not known at this point. Earlier this week, Apple acquired Israel-based start-up RealFace that develops deep learning-based face authentication technology. Set up in 2014 by Adi Eckhouse Barzilai and Aviv Mader, RealFace has developed a facial recognition software that offers users a smart biometric login, aiming to make passwords redundant when accessing mobile devices or PCs, as reported yesterday.

Speech Synthesis using Deep Learning


Voice assistance on your phone is nothing new. Be it Alice, Cortana or Siri, they have all been assisting us with minor chores through our otherwise busy life. You don't really need to look carefully to figure the monotony in the speech and hence one never banks fully on the assistant. Psychologically, a person has never found a'spark' of sorts with their assistant. Since most systems today need to be trained or taught by humans, it is almost impossible for us to pre-program an assistant who adapts to every consumer.

Apple Is The BlackBerry Of AI


Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is years behind Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and others in AI, full stop. Recently, rumors about a Siri software development kit have sparked a debate about Apple's plans to compete in machine learning. This comes after a series of announcements and product launches from various major technology companies about new language-driven devices and services, e.g. the Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) Echo or Google Home. Seeking Alpha contributor Mark Hibben has speculated about Apple's capability of closing that gap, which he believes is not very large. In this article, I will give a number of reasons why I believe he is wrong and why Apple is structurally not able to catch up anytime soon.

Developers: Use Cortana Intelligence Gallery to jump-start your knowledge about machine learning - The Fire Hose


In a blog post, Amy Nicholson, technical evangelist at Microsoft, explains how she used the Cortana Intelligence Gallery, together with Azure ML Studio, to help her start building her own ML (machine learning) models "as well as my knowledge about this space." Azure ML is a fully managed cloud service on Microsoft Azure that helps you easily build, deploy and share predictive analytics solutions, Nicholson writes. All of this in a simple drag-and-drop interface to go from an idea to the deployment of a ML API in a matter of clicks." To learn more, visit the Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog.