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Premiere Pro can now automatically match color using artificial intelligence


Adobe is mixing the robust tools of its professional video applications with the automation of artificial intelligence. Ahead of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show next week, the company announced several new features for both video and audio software, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Character Animator. Creative Cloud members have access to the updates today. A major goal across the board was to speed up workflows, as video creatives are continually asked to deliver content in more formats across more devices, and further improve how all the Creative Cloud programs talk to each other. Adobe Sensei, the software company's AI platform, powers two new Premiere Pro tools designed to speed up the editing process by automatically matching colors between separate clips and optimizing the blend of dialog with other audio tracks.

Inferring Performer Skill from Aesthetic Quality Features in a Dance Game Gesture Corpus

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In this paper, we describe experiments for inferring the artistic skill of performers by analyzing pose features in a gesture corpus. Poses were generated by having participants play a popular Kinect dance game in a markerless motion capture studio. Skeletal data was analyzed for features derived from both statistical analysis as well as arts and animation theory, and aesthetic metrics were designed to score pose features along three dimensions: balance,asymmetry, and readability. We applied our metrics to poses in a corpus of 10,080 annotated frames generated from 20 dance performances ranked according to the performing arts background of each participant. This work is the foundation of a computational performatology approach to quantifying artistic gesture in media by identifying aesthetic features that indicate figurative quality to viewers. The potential application of gesture analysis and feedback will be to inform the design of performative logics for virtual controlof avatars and non-player characters in videogames.