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School's Out--but on 'Minecraft,' Graduation Day Goes On


The lectern stands before a vast, grassy amphitheater. Above, the sky is a pristine blue, the cloudless quintessence of a spring morning. Perhaps the most arresting feature in this panorama is the stage: a towering neoclassical structure with Doric columns that soar heavenward. Suspended from the columns are banners emblazoned with the letters QU, for Quaranteen University. The name is a wink from the worldbuilders--college and high school students, homebound for weeks now--about the surreal circumstances of their situation.

School bomb threats: Minecraft gamer could be behind email hoax that caused evacuations across UK

The Independent - Tech

A disgruntled Minecraft gamer is believed to be behind a bomb hoax email sent to more than 400 schools and colleges. Some students were evacuated from school and college buildings across the country on Monday after an email threatening to detonate a bomb if they refused to hand over cash was sent out. The email appeared to come from gaming network VeltPvP โ€“ a server which allows users to compete in the game Minecraft โ€“ but the US company said that the account had been "spoofed". Carson Kallen, the US firm's 17-year-old CEO, told the BBC he suspected the hoax emails had been sent by a disgruntled Minecraft player in a bid to damage VeltPvP's reputation. He said: "Everyone who plays it is between the ages of eight and 18 years old - it's all kids playing.

New Jersey student held over shooting threat and Minecraft video of school attack

The Japan Times

NUTLEY, NEW JERSEY โ€“ Authorities say a New Jersey student accused of making an online threat against his high school posted a video created in the popular video game Minecraft showing a shooting at a replica of the school.

This guy missed his high school so much he recreated it on Minecraft


A Mincecraft player in Taiwan decided to recreate their entire school on the sandbox video game because they missed it so much. SEE ALSO: Someone spent 2 years painstakingly replicating China's Forbidden City in'Minecraft' The gamer, along with a few friends who attended the Banqiao Senior High School in Taipei, started working on recreating their school during their first year of university. The amount of detail is incredible. And just the general facade -- there's nothing this Minecraft player has missed out on. "I started this [project] in my freshman year because of homesickness," said the gamer in an online blogpost.

Medical Minecraft uses IBM Watson to teach students about infectious diseases


IBM's Watson is still in its early days, but the cognitive computing system could end up having a substantial impact on a number of industries, particularly healthcare and education. For example, Alder Hey Children's Hospital in England is currently using the technology to improve the patient experience, while an interactive toy called the Cognitoys Dino uses Watson to answer a child's questions in a kid-friendly and personalized way. Another space that could largely benefit from Watson's capabilities is the gaming industry. The interactive nature of games paired with Watson's natural language processing capabilities and data analysis has already led to a number of new gaming initiatives, including the first-ever Minecraft game that utilizes Watson. Called'Medical Minecraft,' the game was recently created by a group of high school students.