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Feeling Stressed, Angry or Happy? New Tech Computes Your Emotions


Trying to handle and hide our true emotions is a challenge we all share as humans, and trying to discern what other people are hiding from us is something that fascinates us even more. Yet latest technological developments seem to signal that there is no place to hide anymore: Scientists at the University of Oulu in Finland have developed facial recognition software that can read human microexpressions at a success rate that beats humans at the same task. But what exactly are microexpressions? According to the Paul Ekman Group, founded by renowned psychologist Paul Ekman, who conducted groundbreaking research in the correlations between emotions and facial expressions – and has been dubbed "the best human lie detector in the world" in the process – microexpressions are "facial expressions that occur within 1/25th of a second and expose a person's true emotions". We make them involuntarily, even when we are trying to conceal our true emotional response.