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Artificial Intelligence for Social Good: A Survey Artificial Intelligence

Its impact is drastic and real: Youtube's AIdriven recommendation system would present sports videos for days if one happens to watch a live baseball game on the platform [1]; email writing becomes much faster with machine learning (ML) based auto-completion [2]; many businesses have adopted natural language processing based chatbots as part of their customer services [3]. AI has also greatly advanced human capabilities in complex decision-making processes ranging from determining how to allocate security resources to protect airports [4] to games such as poker [5] and Go [6]. All such tangible and stunning progress suggests that an "AI summer" is happening. As some put it, "AI is the new electricity" [7]. Meanwhile, in the past decade, an emerging theme in the AI research community is the so-called "AI for social good" (AI4SG): researchers aim at developing AI methods and tools to address problems at the societal level and improve the wellbeing of the society.

Upcoming Meetings in AI, Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning: January and Beyond


Here are 90 upcoming meetings and conferences, for January 2018 and beyond. You can also find the latest list on KDnuggets Meetings page Most popular topics: AI/Artificial Intelligence, 23 top countries: top cities: Toronto, Stockholm: 4 Color code: Business-Oriented meetings in Blue, Research meetings (with calls for papers and program committee) in green January 2018 Americas: Jan 17-19, BAFI 2018: 3rd Conf. on Business Analytics in Finance and Industry. Use code KDNUGGETS to save. Feb 8, AI Evolution brings together experts, developers, technologists, and business leaders. Feb 11-16, TDWI, 4 core learning tracks on Business Analytics & BI / Data Science / Data Management/ Data Strategy.