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Janggu makes deep learning a breeze – IAM Network


IMAGE: The scientists Altuna Akalin (left) and Wolfgang Kopp (right) from the "Bioinformatics and Omics Data Science " group. Researchers from the MDC have developed a new tool that makes it easier to maximize the power of deep learning for studying genomics. They describe the new approach, Janggu, in the journal Nature Communications. Imagine that before you could make dinner, you first had to rebuild the kitchen, specifically designed for each recipe. You'd spend way more time on preparation, than actually cooking.

A TensorFlow Modeling Pipeline using TensorFlow Datasets and TensorBoard


This article investigates TensorFlow components for building a toolset to make modeling evaluation more efficient. Specifically, TensorFlow Datasets (TFDS) and TensorBoard (TB) can be quite helpful in this task. While completing a highly informative AICamp online class taught by Tyler Elliot Bettilyon (TEB) called Deep Learning for Developers, I got interested in creating a more structured way for machine-learning model builders -- like me as the student -- to understand and evaluate various models and observe their performance when applied to new datasets. Since this particular class focused on TensorFlow (TF), I started to investigate TF components for building a toolset to make this type of modeling evaluation more efficient. In doing so, I learned about two components, TensorFlow Datasets (TFDS) and TensorBoard (TB), that can be quite helpful and this blog post discusses their application in this task.

Using AI to detect COVID-19 misinformation and exploitative content


The COVID-19 pandemic is an incredibly complex and rapidly evolving global public health emergency. Facebook is committed to preventing the spread of false and misleading information on our platforms. Misinformation about the disease can evolve as rapidly as the headlines in the news and can be hard to distinguish from legitimate reporting. The same piece of misinformation can appear in slightly different forms, such as as an image modified with a few pixels cropped or augmented with a filter. And these variations can be unintentional or the result of someone's deliberate attempt to avoid detection.

Graphcore claims its M2000 AI computer hits 1 petaflop


Graphcore, a U.K.-based company developing accelerators for AI workloads, this morning unveiled the second generation of its Intelligence Processing Units (IPUs), which will soon be made available in the company's M2000 IPU Machine. Graphcore claims this new GC200 chip will enable the M2000 to achieve a petaflop of processing power in an enclosure that measures the width and length of a pizza box. AI accelerators like the GC200 are a type of specialized hardware designed to speed up AI applications, particularly artificial neural networks, deep learning, and machine learning. They're often multicore in design and focus on low-precision arithmetic or in-memory computing, both of which can boost the performance of large AI algorithms and lead to state-of-the-art results in natural language processing, computer vision, and other domains. The M2000 is powered by four of the new 7-nanometer GC200 chips, each of which packs 1,472 processor cores (running 8,832 threads) and 59.4 billion transistors on a single die, and it delivers more than 8 times the processing performance of Graphcore's existing IPU products.

Best Stocks To Buy As Markets Rally Despite Elevated Volatility


Major tech stocks drove the markets lower this morning, with Nasdaq NDAQ down by almost 0.5%. In contrast, the Dow was trading higher by 200 points buoyed by banking stocks like JP Morgan and Citigroup C, which have beaten street estimates on earnings this morning. Of course, by mid-morning, the Nasdaq had turned positive. More choppiness should be expected as more companies declare their quarterly results throughout the week. Our deep learning algorithms have gone through the data and used Artificial Intelligence ("AI") to help you spot the Top Buys for today.

Deep Learning for Business Managers: Neural Networks in R


You're looking for a complete Artificial Neural Network (ANN) course that teaches you everything you need to create a Neural Network model in R, right? You've found the right Neural Networks course! Identify the business problem which can be solved using Neural network Models. Have a clear understanding of Advanced Neural network concepts such as Gradient Descent, forward and Backward Propagation etc. Create Neural network models in R using Keras and Tensorflow libraries and analyze their results. How this course will help you?

20+ Machine Learning Datasets & Project Ideas - KDnuggets


To Build a perfect model, you need a large amount of data. But finding the right dataset for your machine learning and data science project is sometimes quite a challenging task. There are many organizations, researchers, and individuals who've shared their work, and we will use their datasets to build our project. So in this article, we are going to discuss 20 Machine learning and Data Science dataset and project ideas that you can use for practicing and upgrading your skills. The Enron Dataset is popular in natural language processing.

Keras and TensorFlow Archives - PyImageSearch


Learn how to successfully apply Deep Learning to Computer Vision with Keras and TensorFlow using my free Keras tutorials and guides.

AI startup Abacus goes live with commercial deep learning service, takes $13M Series A financing


Abacus co-founders, from left, Siddartha Naidu, previously a principal engineer for Amazon's fulfillment team and also a developer of the BigQuery software at Google; Bindu Reddy, previously head of "AI Verticals" for Amazon's AWS; and Arvind Sundararajan, previously engineering lead for Google's ad delivery technology. Just under six months after coming out of stealth mode, startup Abacus dot AI of San Francisco Tuesday announced the company's service for commercial deep learning has gone live with customers such as 1-800-Flowers, and the company has gotten a Series A investment round totaling $13 million from major investors including Index Ventures. AI might be a hot topic but you'll still need to justify those projects. "This is a crowded space and very few AI/ML services actually manage to get customers to production and actually realize a positive ROI," Bindu Reddy, co-founder and chief executive officer, told ZDNet in email. As with its last major announcement, in January, the company also demonstrated technology for a novel approach in deep learning, in this case offering a new technique for de-biasing AI models.

Deep Learning Identifies Depression in Speech Patterns


"Talk therapy" is often used by psychotherapists to help patients overcome depression or anxiety through conversation. A research team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is using deep learning to uncover what might be called "talk diagnosis" -- detecting signs of depression by analyzing a patient's speech. The research could lead to effective, and inexpensive, diagnosis of serious mental health issues. An estimated one in 15 adults in the U.S. reports having a bout of major depression in any given year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. The condition can lead to serious disruptions in a person's life, yet our understanding of it remains limited.