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World Economic Forum on LinkedIn: #innovation #COVID19


This robot can disinfect a warehouse from coronavirus in 30 minutes. To discover more innovations like this, or submit your own, sign up to UpLink: https... 272 comments on LinkedIn

Disruptive tech trends: Fintechs leads Twitter mentions in Q2 2020


Fintechs lead as Verdict lists the top five terms tweeted on disruptive tech in Q2 2020, based on data from GlobalData's Influencer Platform. The top tweeted terms are the trending industry discussions happening on Twitter by key individuals (influencers) as tracked by the platform. New technologies and increased collaboration with fintechs shaping payments and the role of fintechs startups in transforming financial services, and innovation, were popularly discussed in Q2 2020. According to an article shared by Antonio Grasso, a digital transformation advisor, new technologies and collaborations with fintehcs were defining the future of payments. For instance, payment companies were acquiring or collaborating with SaaS companies focused on serving such as students and restaurants, the article noted. posted on LinkedIn


Welcome to June 2020 edition of top 10 #technology and #innovation tweets: 1) Indian government authorities gave permission to test cargo delivery using #drones. We are investigating this issue and trying to have it resolved.

Kavita Singh Joins Payrailz as VP of AI Product Management


Payrailz, a digital payments company offering smarter, more engaging payment experiences to banks and credit unions across the United States, announced the appointment of Kavita Singh as its Vice President of AI Product Management. In this role, Singh joins the Payrailz executive management team, reporting to CEO Fran Duggan, where she will use her extensive background in financial services product management and artificial intelligence to further build out and develop Payrailz' AI product initiatives and features. Singh will also be responsible for further advancing the company's strategic "smarter payments vision" and oversee the go-to-market approaches for Payrailz' AI initiatives and experiences. "I am excited to continue my work in payments and to become an integral part of the Payrailz team as we work to make a real difference in the industry we serve. The use of AI and machine learning to enhance the payments experience is the wave of the future and I am impressed by what I've seen coming from Payrailz," said Singh.

Machine Learning Case Study


We are living in the era of digital technologies. When was the last time you walked into a shop that didn't have a PayTM or BHIM UPI? These digital transaction technologies have quickly become a key part of our daily lives. And not just at an individual level, these digital technologies are at the core of every financial institution. Executing a payment transaction or fund transfer has become very smooth with multiple possible options (like internet banking, ATM, credit or debit cards, UPI, POS Machines, etc.) having reliable systems running at the backend.

Thucydides And The Dragon: Artificial Intelligence And Sino-US Rivalry


"Made in China" used to mean cheap and poor quality, and probably involving the theft of intellectual property somewhere along the line. That perception has been out of date for many years now. Counterfeiting by Chinese manufacturers is still a major problem in some industries, but the best Chinese companies are world leaders in quality and in innovation. European telecoms utilities are alarmed by Trump's demand that they exclude Huawei components from their 5G rollout programmes: if they comply, their 5G services will be late and expensive. China's two mobile payments giants, Alibaba's Alipay and Tencent's WeChat Pay, both have many more active users than PayPal and Apple Pay combined.

Arena and the disappearing art of bootstrapping startups


Silicon Valley headlines often report on the size of venture capital raised by a startup -- the bigger the funding, the bigger the story. But this is a poor way to understand the startup community. Startup success isn't determined by how much you raise; it's about how much you keep. is a great example. It recently raised a seed round of $2.3 million -- a tiny amount by local standards.

Samsung Pay Card offers rival to Apple Wallet and credit card

The Independent - Tech

Samsung has partnered with London-based fintech startup Curve to launch a digital payments card later this year. The Samsung Pay Card will allow users to link all of their bank and loyalty cards to a single digital card on their phone, the tech giant said. It will also allow people with Samsung smartphones to control their money and view all their spending from a single place. The company is also working with Mastercard to launch the new feature. The announcement continues a growing trend of technology firms such as Google and Apple offering a variety of digital payment solutions on their smartphones – last year Apple launched its own credit card for the first time through its Apple Wallet payments app.

ASIC Clouds

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Specialized replicated compute accelerators (RCA) are multiplied up by having multiple copies per ASICs, multiple ASICs per server, multiple servers per rack, and multiple racks per datacenter. Server controller can be an FPGA, microcontroller, or a Xeon processor. Power delivery and cooling system are customized based on ASIC needs. If required, there would be DRAMs on the PCB as well. Each ASIC interconnects its RCAs using a customized on-chip network.

Businesses are finding AI hard to adopt


An operation on that scale is so big, writes Mr Levy, "that it can only be policed by algorithms or armies". In fact, Facebook uses both. Human moderators work alongside algorithms trained to spot posts that violate either an individual country's laws or the site's own policies. But algorithms have many advantages over their human counterparts. They do not sleep, or take holidays, or complain about their performance reviews.