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Staying on top of cybersecurity trends and threats is almost a full-time job. The industry expands every day as new applications come online for the internet of things, machine learning and artificial intelligence. But cybercriminals are innovating, too. Not a day passes without news of a major ransomware attack or phishing scheme. Businesses large and small now must learn the intricacies of data breaches and the dark web, negotiating with hackers, buying cyberinsurance and training employees on the best cyberhygiene.

Top 10 Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies After RSA 2020


The RSA Conference, the world's leading information security conference and exposition, held its 29th annual event in San Francisco last week. According to the organizers, over 36,000 attendees, 704 speakers, and 658 exhibitors gathered at the Moscone Center to discuss privacy, Machine Learning, and AI, policy and government, applied crypto and blockchain, and, new for the RSA Conference 2020, open source tools, product security and anti-fraud. Despite several large vendors including Verizon and IBM canceling their presence in light of the spiraling panic around coronavirus, the event was one of the brightest and innovative, according to numerous stakeholders expressing their excitement in the media and on social networks. We decided to gather some feedback from the attendees, journalists, and security experts involved in RSA 2020 to understand the most recent cybersecurity trends after this milestone event. Below is our selection of 10 most innovative cybersecurity companies that in our opinion, deserve your attention by their distinctive technical or scientific approach, value-proposition or long-term vision: Qualys Qualys, a pioneer and leading provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions, unveiled its new flagship product VMDR (Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response) at RSA 2020.

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The media makes sensationalist claims about AI, but let's take a closer look at the facts: AI is not a trend! Cisco has been doing it for years to help businesses across the globe quickly and easily identify banking trojans, botnets, phishing and ransomware. A taxonomy of AI algorithms used in cyber threat detection What AI can and can't do for your organisation How to leverage AI as a preventative measure to help detect & uncover threats before they hit your business Best practices on how to incorporate AI into your threat detection and defence systems What AI can and can't do for your organisation During this webinar, we'll go beyond the hype and show you real-world examples of AI algorithms that helps us keep our customers safe on the internet, anywhere their users go. See how Cisco Umbrella uses AI to effectively detect current and emerging threats.