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Country Garden Opens Restaurant Operated Completely By Robots


Country Garden, a property developer in China, revealed that its subsidiary Qianxi Robot Catering Group (Qianxi Group) opened a restaurant complex operated completely by robots. Located in Shunde, which is a city in China's Guangdong province, the restaurant eliminates most human-to-human contact and may be a harbinger of how businesses plan to handle the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak. "Country Garden assistant executive officer and Qianxi Group general manager Qiu Mi explained that Qianxi Group has built a complete industry chain encompassing back-end supply production (the centralized kitchens) and robotic cooking alongside the operation of restaurants and the management of robots," Country Garden shared. The restaurant complex is 2,000 square meters or about 21,527 square feet, and it has 20 robots equipped to serve a variety of dishes, including Chinese food, fast food, clay-pot rice and hot pot. The menu has 200 items, but they are available within 20 seconds of ordering.

Country Garden builds 'world's first' robot restaurant China – IAM Network


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Machine Learning vs Predictive Analytics: Are they same?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been trending in headlines for quite some time for all exciting reasons. While it is not a new buzzword in the technical nor business world, it is successfully transforming industries around the globe. To date, enterprises, firms and start-ups are racing to adopt AI in their business culture. This emerging technology has blessed us with improved computing and analysis of data, cloud-based services and many more. The applications are so vast that, business leaders might find themselves caught up in confusion on what to implement for their business practices and get maximized ROI.

Burger King launches new promotion based off of apparent glitch in smart car navigation

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Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on This is a smart response to a smart problem. A new promotion by Burger King takes advantage of an unexpected issue that some smart car owners are reportedly having. Apparently, the cars' navigation systems are mistaking Burger King signs for stop signs.

As Meat Plants Stayed Open to Feed Americans, Exports to China Surged

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After slaughterhouses in several states were closed when thousands of workers tested positive and dozens died, the industry publicly lobbied the Trump administration to intervene with state and local officials or risk major meat shortages across American grocery stores. Indeed, some retailers put limits on the amount of meat customers could buy, and the fast-food chain Wendy's, at one point, ran low on hamburger. But the meatpackers, including Smithfield, which China's largest pork producer bought in 2013, did not emphasize, at least not publicly, that keeping the plants open would also protect their long-term investments in exporting to a country that is vital to their growth. Analysts say the meat shortages have subsided, with most plants having reopened, though many are still operating at slower speeds. As some meat companies continue to test their workers, they are still discovering positive cases.

A pizza vending machine for a new reality


Will people really want to get their pizza from a robotic vending machine, as a new food automation company called Piestro is betting? The best telepresence hardware to go beyond video conferencing and make remote work truly collaborative. As anyone who pays attention to the food and beverage space can attest, the age of non-sucky vending machine food is coming. Depending on where you live, you may already be able to get a fresh-tossed salad from a robot named Sally and a really good pull of espresso from one of Cafe X's robotic baristas. Automation in food preparation is hardly new.

Robots Walk Faster With Newly Developed Flexible Feet


Anthony is the co-founder and COO of Dexai Robotics, a startup that automates activities in commercial kitchens using flexible robot arms. Prior to Dexai, Anthony worked as a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, focusing on growth strategies. Anthony holds a MBA from Harvard Business School, and a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.S. in Mathematics from the American University of Beirut. Outside of work, Anthony enjoys chasing soccer balls and exploring sunken sea treasures. What is it that attracted you to robotics initially?

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Help Prevent Indigestion


Identifying different foods on a tray can be a non-trivial task (Image source: Chris A. Tweten on Unsplash) Unfortunately, we don't always have sufficient time to enjoy a leisurely lunchtime meal. Suppose some of your workmates invite you to join them for lunch at a local fast-food restaurant. You all typically have a limited amount of time for your lunchtime break and you need to use this time wisely and efficiently. First, you have to get to the restaurant, either by walking or perhaps by taking a short drive. When you reach the restaurant, you have to select your food, pay for it, and eat it.

How tech will change the way we work by 2030


Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Blockchain will have a significant impact on work in the next decade and beyond. But if you believe the sci-fi hype or get bogged down in the technology, it can be difficult to relate them to today's workplaces and jobs. Here are three everyday examples of their potential, expressed in terms of the business challenge they are addressing or how consumers will experience them. I don't mean to over simplify – these are powerful tools – but I think their potential shines through best when they're expressed in their simplest terms. What do you imagine the restaurant of the future to look like?

'Upload' Is a Clunky Parable About Class in a Digital Afterlife


In 2033, the Gordita Crunch is sold virtually by fast food goliath Nokia Taco Bell. Mega-airline corporation Frontier Spirit United offers 30-minute flights from New York to Los Angeles with the option of Economy Minus. The most popular reality show is Baby Botox--which is exactly what it sounds like. Vape lung is a chronic disease. Far East Movement's 2010 chart-topper "Like a G6" is considered classical dance coursework in schools.