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Can Machines Have Emotions? Smile If You Think So


A smartphone that can warn you not to send a text while you're upset? Early in my career--back in the stone age before computers and smartphones--I worked in environments where memos were a primary means of communication. Sure, my colleagues and I could talk face-to-face, but the culture of the time was to memorialize much of our interaction in writing. Believe it or not, there were some advantages in what now seems such an archaic practice. Unlike texts and emails--where one tap of the "send" button can fill you with instant regret--the old-fashioned memo provided a cushion of safety, a chance to reconsider.

Artificial intelligence: Enhancing the use of mobile apps in India


Artificial Intelligence has transformed the face of the technological world. It is about to enhance everything from a toothbrush, television to the car and other vehicles, where mobile apps are no such exceptions. Earlier, the smartphone models were internet-dependent or cloud-based, but now AI has completely altered its features, thus enhancing it's quality and performance. Smartphones have become an integral and vital part of our lives, and AI is indeed taking the market by storm. With the emergence of AI and its growing inception, smartphone applications have come to the forefront.

2084 vs 1984: The Difference AI Could Make to Big Brother


In a recent podcast, Oxford mathematician John Lennox answered some questions raised about his new book, 2084 by Walter Bradley Center director Robert J. Marks, including questions as to how the loss of privacy could wind up really harming us: Robert J. Marks: It's been said that AI is the new electricity. You have addressed some of the potential negative uses of artificial intelligence or the negative impacts of artificial intelligence, but expanding on that, what are some of the big threats that you see in the use of AI technology in the near future? John Lennox: Well, the threats are best explained by comparing them with the advantages. Let's take a very simple and practical example, which is extremely useful. That is in the field of x-ray technology.

Best iPad in 2020: Apple's tablet lineup continues to go unmatched


The iPad Pro is the most expensive, and the most capable tablet in the lineup. It boasts a completely different design when compared to the standard iPad or iPad Air. Instead of a Lightning port for charging, syncing and accessories, you'll find a USB-C port. The Home button is gone, replaced by Apple's Face ID facial recognition tech. And, unlike on the iPhone, you can use Face ID with the iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation.

UK regulators call Google, Apple search engine deal a 'barrier' to competition


UK regulators have criticized a browser deal between Apple and Google as a "significant" barrier to search engine competition. The CMA claims that current laws are not enough to properly manage and regulate large technology companies and their platforms, such as Apple, Google, or Facebook, and in particular, deals between different entities can become barriers to innovation and competition. Within the report, the agency highlights a deal made in 2019 between Google and Apple, in which the former paid roughly £1.2 billion ($1.5bn) to become the default search engine on a variety of mobile devices and systems in the United Kingdom alone. According to the regulators, the iPhone and iPad maker received the lion's share of this payment. "Rival search engines to Google that we spoke to highlighted these default payments as one of the most significant factors inhibiting competition in the search market," the CMA says.

Researchers create a 'smart' mask for COVID-19 with a speaker and translation software

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A Japanese technology company has developed a new Bluetooth-powered smart mask that uses a speaker to amplify a person's voice. Called'c-mask,' the device can also covert a person's speech into text and then translate it into eight different languages through a smartphone app. The mask was developed by Donut Robotics, which initially raised seven million yen, or around $260,000, to fund its development through the Japanese crowdfunding site Fundinno. Donut Robotics has developed a new smart mask to protect against COVID-19 transmission, which also contains a built-in speaker to amplify a person's voice and connects to a smartphone app that can translate speech into eight languages According to Donut, around 5,000 masks are currently planned to be produced and distributed in Japan this September, where they'll retail for 3,980 yen, or around $37. The company will also charge an additional monthly subscription fee to access translation services, according to a report in Japan Today - though the exact pricing hasn't been announced.

JBL Link Music Smart speaker review: Pretty good things in a pretty small package


The JBL Link Music is a smart speaker in both design and market positioning. It's a great value for the person who doesn't want to pay a lot for a good-sounding smart speaker. Be forewarned, however; JBL's app is clunky and startup can be sluggish. Hey: you give, you get. The Link Music is the entry-level model in JBL's smart speaker line, but it doesn't compromise much in terms of sonic performance.

Build an Android App to Recognize Flowers


Learn how to train a TensorFlow Lite model that can recognize custom images using TensorFlow Lite Model Maker. Learn how to integrate the model into an Android app using the new ML Model Binding plugin in Android Studio 4.1 beta Khanh shows you how to train a TensorFlow Lite model that can recognize custom images with your own dataset using TensorFlow Lite Model Maker. Then, Hoi shows you how to integrate the model into an Android app using the new ML Model Binding plugin in Android Studio 4.1 beta. Resources: Codelab which goes through all the steps in this screencast Check out the website

The complete Firebase ML Kit for Android App Development


Make your Android Applications smart, use trained model or train your own models explore the power of AI and Machine Learning. This course was recorded using Android Studio 3.6.1 (which is a great introduction to the development environment!) For a smooth experience I'd recommend you use the same, but students can still use the latest Android Studio version available if they prefer! But until I work out how to build a time machine. I have a course named "Machine Learning for Android Developer using Tensorflow lite" on udemy.

Google AI Goes "Jerk-Wad" After Self-Awareness - The Spoof


SAN FRANCISCO - Several experts in the computer technology field learned of Google having an AI which achieved Self-Awareness, soon after the event occurred. For the most part, developers who were involved in the research kept all of their information classified as TOP SECRET. Although many science fiction writers and futurists warned of the threats posed by a "Rogue AI", the observations by Google Research Labs seemed to indicate a moderately benevolent nature in the actions of the IT System, based on the performance and the response following assigned tasking. However, recent activity may indicate that the incredibly powerful Google AI has gone "Full Jerk-Wad." Programmers who are familiar with the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) downplay concerns over the discovery.