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How To Create An AI (Artificial Intelligence) Model


"On average, the data preparation process takes 2X or in some cases 3X longer that just the design of the machine learning algorithm," said Valeria …

How Remote Work Can Fuel The New AI Tech Centers


This is especially true for organizations with computer programming, data science, artificial intelligence, engineering, and machine learning workforce.

Researchers say AI tools could make justice systems more just


Freeing up that data -- and using machine learning tools to make sense of it -- would help make the justice system more just.

[Project] blendtorch: seamless PyTorch - Blender integration


Training with artificial images is becoming increasingly important to address the lack of real data sets in various niche areas. Yet, many today's approaches write 2D/3D simulations from scratch. To improve this situation and make better use of existing pipelines, we've been working towards an integration between Blender, an open-source real-time physics enabled animation software, and PyTorch. Today we announce blendtorch, an open-source Python library that seamlessly integrates distributed Blender renderings into PyTorch data pipelines at 60FPS (640x480 RGBA). Batch visualization from 4 Blender instances running a physics enabled falling cubes scene.

Prepare for Artificial Intelligence to Produce Less Wizardry


With deep learning, a technique that has helped produce spectacular AI … Improving the performance of an English-to-French machine-translation …

AMP Robotics Named to Forbes AI 50


To be included on the list, companies needed to show that techniques like machine learning, natural language processing, or computer vision are a …

Imec, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Announce Breakthrough In AI Chip


Based on imec's Analog in Memory Computing (AiMC) architecture utilizing GF's 22FDX solution, the new chip is optimized to perform deep neural network calculations on in-memory computing hardware in the analog domain. Achieving record-high energy efficiency up to 2,900 TOPS/W, the accelerator is a key enabler for inference-on-the-edge for low-power devices. Since the early days of the digital computer age, the processor has been separated from the memory. Operations performed using a large amount of data require a similarly large number of data elements to be retrieved from the memory storage. This limitation, known as the von Neumann bottleneck, can overshadow the actual computing time, especially in neural networks – which depend on large vector-matrix multiplications.

Controversial Detroit facial recognition got him arrested for a crime he didn't commit

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The high-profile case of a Black man wrongly arrested earlier this year wasn't the first misidentification linked to controversial facial recognition technology used by Detroit police, the Free Press has learned. Last year, a 25-year-old Detroit man was wrongly accused of a felony for supposedly reaching into a teacher's vehicle, grabbing a cell phone and throwing it, cracking the screen and breaking the case. Detroit police used facial recognition technology in that investigation, too. It identified Michael Oliver as an investigative lead. After that hit, the teacher who had his phone snatched from his hands identified Oliver in a photo lineup as the person responsible.

European Parliament names MEPs on artificial intelligence, cancer plan and foreign interference …


The European Parliament announced the MEPs who will sit on its new special committees on artificial intelligence (AI), cancer and foreign interference …