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The State of AI - MIT Technology Review


Dr. Andrew Ng is a globally recognized leader in artificial intelligence. He was until recently chief scientist at Baidu, where he led the company's approximately 1,300-person AI group and was responsible for driving its global AI strategy and infrastructure. He was also the founding lead of the Google Brain team. In addition, Dr. Ng is co-chairman and cofounder of Coursera, the world's leading MOOC (massive open online course) platform, and an adjunct professor of computer science at Stanford University. He has authored or coauthored over 100 research papers in machine learning, robotics, and related fields.

"Transparent AI Will Revolutionize Online Learning"


Walter Bender, the Chief Learning Architect at Sorcero and the founder of Sugar Labs and One Laptop One Child, shared with IBL News how transparent AI will revolutionize online learning following his talk at the Open edX conference last month in San Diego. The main goal, he posits, is "to leverage what makes us human to become part of the learning process." His talk, "Beyond the Black Box: How Transparent AI can Transform Learning," focused on the strides that Sorcero is making with AI and online learning. With his extensive experience in academia and accessible and open online education, he says his experiences were "a case study for transparency, for providing tools and a framework." The natural extension from this was to switch gears and talk about AI, the "tool du jour in machine learning these days."

Complete Machine Learning and Data Science: Zero to Mastery


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Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence

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The emergence of massive open online courses has initiated a broad national-wide discussion on higher education practices, models, and pedagogy. Artificial intelligence and machine learning courses were at the forefront of this trend and are also being used to serve personalized, managed content in the back-end systems. Massive open online courses are just one example of the sorts of pedagogical innovations being developed to better teach AI. This column will discuss and share innovative educational approaches that teach or leverage AI and its many subfields, including robotics, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and others at all levels of education (K-12, undergraduate, and graduate levels).

Forbes Insights: How Digital Apprenticeships Can Help Employees Thrive In The Age Of AI


Bashing Silicon Valley has become one of the few things both political parties agree on this election cycle. And they have good reason--the artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technology developed by the Valley's best and brightest minds is projected to displace the jobs of between one-quarter and one-third of American workers by 2030. The Brookings Institute estimates that 36 million Americans could have 70% of their work tasks replaced by automation. These alarming figures are attracting the attention of policymakers and politicians alike. Some are calling for a tax on robots.

Shell Aims to Enroll Thousands in Online Artificial-Intelligence Training


Shell has a broader strategy to embed AI across its operations, a move that has helped the oil giant lower costs and avoid downtime. Other oil-and-gas companies that have tapped AI to improve operations and reduce costs include Exxon Mobil Corp., BP PLC and Chevron Corp. "Artificial intelligence enables us to process the vast quantity of data across our businesses to generate new insights which can keep us ahead of the competition," said Yuri Sebregts, Shell's chief technology officer, in an email. The initiative at Shell expands a 2019 yearlong pilot program with Udacity, based in Mountain View, Calif., that included about 250 Shell data scientists and software engineers. They picked up AI skills such as reinforcement learning, a type of machine learning where algorithms learn the correct way to perform an action based on trial-and-error and observations. Shell employees could use AI expertise, for example, to better predict equipment failures and automatically identify areas within a facility to reduce carbon emissions, said Dan Jeavons, Shell's general manager of data science.

100 Best Coursera Courses, Specializations, Classes 2020 JA Directives


Are you looking for Best Coursera Courses 2020? You can earn a Coursera Certificate with Coursera free courses by applying for Coursera scholarship and by doing Coursera paid courses. You are going to get a 7-day free trial on Coursera when you join and start your very first subscription to do a Coursera Specializations for free. If you do not cancel your free trial you will be automatically transferred to paid subscription on the 8th Day. You can continue your Coursera Classes either by using Coursera App on mobile or on any other devices. This course provides a broad introduction to machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition. Learn and launch your career in Data Science with these best Coursera courses. A nine-course introduction to data science developed and taught by leading instructors. Develop programs to gather, clean, analyze, and visualize data. You will get new insights into your data. Learn to apply data science methods and techniques, and acquire analytical skills. This program is designed to take beginner learners to job readiness in about eight months.

Online Learning and Matching for Resource Allocation Problems Machine Learning

In order for an e-commerce platform to maximize its revenue, it must recommend customers items they are most likely to purchase. However, the company often has business constraints on these items, such as the number of each item in stock. In this work, our goal is to recommend items to users as they arrive on a webpage sequentially, in an online manner, in order to maximize reward for a company, but also satisfy budget constraints. We first approach the simpler online problem in which the customers arrive as a stationary Poisson process, and present an integrated algorithm that performs online optimization and online learning together. We then make the model more complicated but more realistic, treating the arrival processes as non-stationary Poisson processes. To deal with heterogeneous customer arrivals, we propose a time segmentation algorithm that converts a non-stationary problem into a series of stationary problems. Experiments conducted on large-scale synthetic data demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of our proposed approaches on solving constrained resource allocation problems.

Udacity, Intel invite applications from students for artificial intelligence scholarship program


Udacity, the Silicon Valley based lifelong learning platform, announced its newest initiative to expand students' artificial intelligence skills: the Intel Edge AI Scholarship Program. This new scholarship program, announced at the Intel AI Summit and the Future of Education and Workforce Summit in San Francisco, will empower professional developers interested in advanced learning, specifically deep learning and computer vision, to accelerate the development and deployment of high-performance computer vision and deep learning solutions. Computer vision and AI at the edge are becoming instrumental in powering everything from factory assembly lines and retail inventory management to hospital urgent care medical imaging equipment like X-ray and CAT scans. This program will teach fluency in some of the most cutting-edge technologies. Upon successful completion of the first phase of the program, students will also have the opportunity to earn their way to a full scholarship to the Intel Edge AI for IoT Developers Nanodegree program, a brand-new Udacity Nanodegree program built in partnership with Intel.

Coursera Cofounder Daphne Koller Melds AI And Biology In Drug Startup Insitro


Renowned machine learning expert Daphne Koller is the founder and CEO of drug discovery company Insitro. Daphne Koller talks fast, punctuating her words with gesticular flourishes as she shows off lab equipment through big glass windows in her South San Francisco offices. Along with a standard DNA sequencer, there's a high-powered microscope with automatic imaging and a machine that replaces manual pipetting by using ultrasonic acoustic energy to transfer fluids. The fancy gear is part of a robo-lab that provides the foundation for Koller's startup, Insitro. The ex-Stanford University computer science professor, MacArthur Fellow and cofounder of online education unicorn Coursera created Insitro to completely rethink the expensive, time-intensive drug discovery process.