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1969 moon landing was a giant leap for moviemakers, too

The Japan Times

NEW YORK - In 1964, Stanley Kubrick, on the recommendation of the science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, bought a telescope. "He got this Questar and he attached one of his cameras to it," said Katharina Kubrick, the filmmaker's stepdaughter. "On a night where there was a lunar eclipse, he dragged us all out onto the balcony and we were able to see the moon like a big rubber ball. I don't think I've seen it as clearly since. He looked at it all the time."

Envisioning the Future: Which AI Movie Depiction Is Most Accurate?


When it comes to Sci-Fi movies, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of Hollywood's go-to themes. As a technology of which we're still yet to fully realize the potential, scriptwriters and technology doomsdayers have been busy predicting a time when AI spins out of our control, and we're forced to welcome our robot overlords. But how accurate are some of pop culture's most well-known AI creations? Communications provider Plusnet sought to find out by asking Peter Scott, an author on AI and former computer scientist at NASA, to grade the AI predictions of some of Sci-Fi greatest movies. Ridley Scott's 80s Sci-Fi masterpiece may be held in the highest esteem in film circles, but when it comes to how well it predicts the direction of artificial intelligence, experts find it wanting.

From space to Hollywood: Nasa astronauts transform into Jedi Knights and wizards to recreate iconic sci-fi film posters

Daily Mail - Science & tech

American space agency produces crew posters for every International Space Station expedition Nasa also created similar posters for the space shuttle missions that came to an end in 2011 Posters feature international astronauts and cosmonauts in series of comical film poster parodies Designs areinspired from everything from Star Wars and the Matrix to India Jones and Ocean's 11 The space agency produces a poster for each of its mission, featuring the crew of the ISS, often in a mock-up of a sci-fi film poster. The designs have been inspired from everything from Star Wars (left) to Harry Potter (right), featuring astronauts taking on the role of a variety of characters, including Jedi Knights even wizards. China's first astronaut reveals mysterious knocking on his... Private rovers to visit Apollo 17's abandoned moon buggy... How Pluto got its broken heart: Ice-build up on the dwarf... Watch the Earth change before your eyes: Google unveils a... China's first astronaut reveals ...