How Technology Can Make Our Roads Safer


Telematics, on-board diagnostics (OBD) and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are helping companies and organisations collect a wealth of information to understand the vehicle environment and analyze driver behavior in order to assist in preventing crashes and improve driving habits. "OBD based telematics platforms provide fleets and fleet management companies with direct, high-quality access to their vehicle and fleet data, enabling a host of actionable insights and innovation," says Dirk Schlimm, Geotab's Executive Vice President and Advisory Board Member. "Cars and IoT have the capability to dynamically communicate with surrounding vehicles to reduce crashes, adjust the traffic lights to reduce congestion," adds Colin Sutherland, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Geotab. Data gathered by HIKOB sensors is consolidated in servers, where it is analyzed to provide actionable insights about traffic and road conditions that can be used to optimise the use of limited maintenance resources and equipment, as well as predicting and alerting about possible hazards and accidents that may take place because of poor road and weather conditions.