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As part of Lufthansa's ongoing global #SayYesToTheWorld brand campaign, it has become the first airline to launch a Watson Ads campaign, joining other brands such as Lego, Behr Paint, State Farm, Best Western, and TruGreen Lufthansa's AI-powered ad helps consumers plan their next international adventure in Europe, showcasing a specific location and helping a consumer explore the city by providing local travel facts, and tailored image galleries or videos. The campaign, which will run from 10/1 - 11/25, will help Lufthansa to discover new insights about consumers and their travel planning needs, which can inform future marketing efforts. The AI-powered ad is available to US consumers on, Featured cities include: Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Florence, Frankfurt, Krakow, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rome, and Stockholm. The campaign focuses on exploring a world of new possibilities and saying yes to the unknown.

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