Confluent's Kafka data-streaming framework gets 'SQL-ized'


The day when armies of business analysts can query incoming data in real time may be drawing closer. Supporting such continuous interactive queries is a goal of KSQL, software put forward this week by the Kafka data-streaming software originators at Confluent Inc. KSQL is a SQL engine that directly handles Apache Kafka data streams. She also said KSQL is intended to broaden the use of Kafka beyond Java and Python, opening up Kafka programming to developers familiar with SQL; although, the form of SQL Confluent is using here is a dialect, one the company has developed to deal with the unique architecture of Kafka streaming. The software is appearing first as a developer preview, and it will be available under an Apache 2.0 license, according to the company. Created at LinkedIn, Kafka began life as a publish-and-subscribe messaging system that focused on handling log files as system events.

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