This Wobbly Robot Wants to Be Your Pet's New Playmate


I've been living with a pet-friendly robot for the past few months that's made to entertain cats. Enabot's Ebo Pro is a circular bot that fits in the palm of your hand with a cute pixelated digital face. Like a fun WALL-E knockoff, it even lets out an excited "Eebow" in a childlike robotronic voice as it powers up. It has wheels to move, a camera to see, a laser to tease your cat with, and a built-in speaker so you can chat with your pet from afar (or kids, as the website notes). You can use the Ebo Pro in a few ways: Drive it manually using the controls in its app, turn on automatic mode, or set schedules for it to activate at certain times of the day and play with your pet.

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