Arturo Announces Seed Series Close and Spin-out from American Family Insurance


CHICAGO & MADISON, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Arturo, an artificial intelligence (AI) and deep-learning property analytics start-up, announced today the close of Seed Series Transaction, with lead investor and Arturo co-developer American Family Insurance. Following the close of the transaction, Madison-based American Family Insurance will remain a customer as well as an investor in Arturo. Arturo grew out of investment and more than three years of research by American Family Insurance on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to satellite, aerial, drone, and ground-level imagery to accurately assess physical property characteristics for residential and commercial properties. Arturo's AI-powered analytics generate detailed property information often in under five seconds. It enables a variety of businesses that insure, lend, invest, or manage residential or commercial properties to make more informed decisions and better manage risk with the most up to date information available.

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