In 50 years we'll have 'robot angels' and will be able to merge our brains with AI, according to technology experts


Brian Wong - Kiip, CEO & Co-founder: So in 50 years I think the world will, in terms of technology, really change and really this concept I call proximity of tech - which is how close the technology is to your body. And right now where it's kind of silly, we hold things and we wear things and it's kind of at our hands, right? And we might put it on over our faces but the whole point is just getting it into our eyeballs, into our ears, into our stomachs. Ingestibles are already a thing, it's crazy, you literally ingest these pills these robot pills that can obviously see what you're eating and all these things and all your caloric intake, it's amazing. And then you know you've heard of startups like Magic Leap where they're doing AR for your world; I should just be able to load my emails then like do this, then do this, that's literally what will happen I think in 50 years, everything will just come inside and that to me is really, really exciting.