Baker Mayfield's wife, Emily, goes after Browns writer over question about Freddie Kitchens' T-shirt

FOX News 

Cleveland Browns coach Freddie Kitchens got slammed for wearing a passive aggressive t-shirt that pointed the blame at the Pittsburgh Steelers for the notorious helmet-swinging brawl. The wife of Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield took on a reporter over a question about Freddie Kitchens' T-shirt of choice following the loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers more than two weeks after a brawl took place between the two teams. Kitchens was seen before the game wearing a shirt that read: "Pittsburgh Started It." It was a clear shot at the Steelers for some of their players' roles in the brawl which saw Browns defensive lineman Myles Garrett remove Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph helmet and hit him over the head with it. Mary Kay Cabot, the longtime Browns beat reporter for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, caught some flak from Emily Mayfield for asking Baker Mayfield a question about the shirt.

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