Vitalik Buterin: Sharding and Plasma Could Scale Ethereum by 10,000x -


Vitalik Buterin has shed some light on the subjects of Sharding and Plasma while essentially suggesting that Ethereum's network will ultimately be capable of supporting tens of thousands of transactions per second. While the entire session was filled with interesting insight, what definitely caught the attention of most viewers were Buterin's thoughts on Sharding and Plasma -- two major improvements to the Ethereum blockchain which are currently under development. As it stands currently, Ethereum's blockchain can -- according to Buterin -- support up to 15 transactions per second (TPS). Recognizing that this has become widely inefficient and, for what it's worth, insufficient, Buterin explained that the team's concentrated efforts have been to handle what could be a major roadblock for Ethereum's further development. Vitalik explained that Sharding is a layer one scalability solution, which is designed to directly improve the existing blockchain -- essentially making it work a lot better.

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