Google's algorithm explained: CEO Sundar Pichai reveals how search results work – and why they sometimes look so bad for Trump

The Independent - Tech 

Google's boss has explained how the site's curious search result algorithm works – and why it sometimes has a tendency to show such embarrassing photos, especially for Donald Trump. How the Google algorithm works remains largely mysterious even to the vast number of people who use it each day, finding out information on which they make the most important decisions. And into that mystery has rushed a whole host of theories, many of them seeming to suggest that Google is intentionally choosing or even manipulating results to further their political and personal aims. Those were one of the many questions that Google boss Sundar Pichai was asked about during a US Congress hearing in which he was quizzed about his company, privacy and a whole host of other questions. During that hearing, representative Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat, mentioned that searching for the word "idiot" on Google Images show a whole host of pictures of Donald Trump.

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