Navigating the hype and impact of AI in HR


Operations: With approximately 60% of all business spending in the US is on labour costs, it's no wonder that AI is being used to complete transactional requirements and process improvement. Operations areas such as recruitment and performance management produce large volumes of data that lead into the next stage - data generation. "One of the reasons for the interest in applying data science tools to human resources is because HR performs so many operations and so much money is involved in them" Data generation: Though HR has considerably less data then a function like marketing, there are still many HR activities that create a lot of data exhaust – or digital information – that can be used to help develop algorithms. Typically these inputs have to be joined together or extracted from multiple databases before any analysis can take place. Machine learning: This is a set of techniques that can adapt and learn from data to create algorithms that perform better and better at a task over time.