How AI And Machine Learning Can Transform The Customer Experience For Retail - Retail TouchPoints


In addition, in 2016 Etsy bought Blackbird Technologies to apply the firm's image-recognition and natural language processing (NLP) to its search function. UNIQLO, the global casual apparel retailer, has also taken a leadership position by offering its customers an expert, AI-powered assistant with deep knowledge about UNIQLO's product catalog, retail locations and more. "As one of the world's leading fashion apparel companies, UNIQLO is committed to delivering the industry's gold standard for customer service and support," said Makoto Hoketsu, Group Senior Vice President and CTO at Uniqlo's parent company Fast Retailing. When looking at voice/AI-enabled application tools, the market is flooded with options and growing more competitive with every passing day. The need and desire for richer interfaces, insights, accuracy and efficiency are key concerns in the market for voice-enabled retail applications.