The troubling surveillance state of Jeremy Piven's tech visionary in 'Wisdom of the Crowd'

Los Angeles Times 

If there's a show this side of "Man With a Plan" that can give you pause right from its title, it's its CBS network-mate "Wisdom of the Crowd." This tech drama imagines the potential in a world that crowdsources its way to solving crimes, though a memorable rejoinder often attributed to pop cultural darling Alexander Hamilton -- "The masses are asses" -- leaps to mind, especially in an era of YouTube comments. Leading this charge to disrupt the criminal justice system with mob rule is Jeffrey Tanner (Jeremy Piven), a grief-stricken, Steve Jobs-ian Silicon Valley honcho who abandons his colossally lucrative company and the fame it provides (his resignation is carried live on TV) to launch a crime-solving app called Sophe. The previous year, Tanner's daughter was murdered, and though someone was convicted of the crime, he's convinced it wasn't the right man. Thus, a platform for the populace to solve crimes via smartphone is born.

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