The Nine AI Minds You Don't Know, But Should Follow ASAP


Mark Minevich is the principle founder of Going Global Ventures and venture partner of GVA Capital in Silicon Valley. While the public is becoming aware of the possibilities of artificial intelligence, I've been evangelizing, researching and working with it for years. As a fellow of the U.S. Council on Competitiveness, a senior advisor to the United Nations Office for Project Services, and a member of both the World Artificial Intelligence Organization and B20, I've been researching AI (and sharing what I learn) for years. Although AI buzz typically surrounds statements from famous minds like Stephen Hawking or Elon Musk – both of whom rightfully worry about granting sentience to machines that control our way of life -- there are plenty of worthy conversations being had on the subject. AI also represents cybersecurity's next evolution, both as a threat and a solution.