Anomaly detection is the next big thing in digital business Anodot


In today's competitive market, digital businesses such as fintech, ad tech, media and others are always on the lookout for the next big thing to help streamline their business processes. These businesses are constantly generating new data and often have systems and people in place to monitor what is going on. For example, within one company, you might find an IT group monitoring network performance while someone in product management watching page response time and user experience while marketing analysts track conversions per campaign and other KPIs. It is no secret that anomalies in one area often affect performance in other areas, but it is difficult for the association to be made if all the departments are operating independently of one another. In addition, most of the available tools for this type of monitoring look at what has happened in the past, so there is a built-in delay between when something important happens, and when it may (or may not) be discovered via the monitoring process.

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