Waymo is the first company to give a detailed self-driving safety report to federal officials

Los Angeles Times 

To help keep tabs on the safety of driverless cars rolling around U.S. cities, the federal government last year, and again last month, suggested that tech firms and car companies submit safety checklists. None of the companies have done it. Waymo, a self-driving car project spun off from Google, submitted a 43-page safety report to the U.S. Department of Transportation on Thursday, offering the most detailed description yet of how it -- or any other company -- equips and trains vehicles to avoid the range of mundane and outrageous problems that are part of U.S. driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has suggested a set of 28 "behavioral competencies," or basic things an autonomous vehicle should be able to do. Waymo lists an additional 19 examples of challenges it uses for testing, including that its cars must be able to "detect and respond" to animals, motorcyclists, school buses, slippery roads, unanticipated weather and faded or missing road signs.