Practical Tips for Developing an Artificial General Intelligence


What we usually think of as Artificial Intelligence (AI) today (when we see human-like robots and holograms in our fiction, talking and acting like real people and having human-level or even superhuman intelligence and capabilities) is actually called Strong Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and it does NOT exist anywhere on earth yet. What we actually have for AI today is much simpler and much more narrow Deep Learning (DL) that can only do some very specific tasks better than people. It has fundamental limitations that will not allow it to become Artificial General Intelligence, so if that is our goal, we need to innovate and come up with better networks and better methods for shaping them into an artificial brain. DL uses deep'neural' networks (DNNs) that really have very little in common with biological neurons. They are just summation units with an activation function feeding a static number to connections that instantly'communicate' that number to all the'neurons' in the next layer, each modulated by the weight of that connection.