How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Blockchain Technology


Artificial intelligence has been fascinating to the human imagination since the term was first used by the first science fiction writers. The roots of the concept of "artificial intelligence" must be sought deep in the ancient world, where folklore, legends and myths in almost every culture spoke of artificially created creatures endowed with supernatural intelligence, consciousness or other human qualities. The only factor uniting the myths of the whole world is that artificial intelligence was always created by a man so passionate about his work that his brainchild went beyond the boundaries of matter and turned into life, sometimes surpassing man. Now we are standing at the crossroads of history, where two progressive technologies are beginning to merge and produce an absolutely new phenomenon. At first glance, the apparent antithesis of AI, the blockchain technology, exploded on the global technology arena as progress in technological constraints; a revolution that announced the creation of completely new industries and new perspectives.