Dean's Lecture Series Reveals that the Future of Artificial Intelligence Has Arrived


Imagine a world where medicine is made more precise with the aid of holograms, allowing doctors to digitally "see" into a patient's body during a procedure. A world where you can give a keynote address in perfect Japanese, in your own voice, anywhere, at any time--even if you don't speak Japanese. This may sound like the stuff of some far-away future, but in the 2019 SES Dean's Lecture Series, hosted by dean Jean Zu on October 17, Dr. Xuedong Huang assured an audience of more than 200 faculty, students, and staff that "All of these technologies exist today. Sponsored by the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science at Stevens Institute of Technology, Huang's enthralling lecture--"Breaking Human Interaction Barriers--AI, HoloLens and Beyond"--revealed a future enriched by artificial intelligence. Huang, a Microsoft Technical Fellow in Microsoft Cloud and AI, founded the company's speech technology group in 1993. This group brought speech recognition to the mass market with the ...

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