Windows 10 updates: How to test new features before everyone else

The Independent - Tech 

Microsoft is currently finalising a major new update to Windows 10 that looks set to arrive in April, but users can try it out ahead of its launch. The Creators Update will introduce a raft of new features, including Paint 3D, Beam game streaming, new accessibility features, including braille support, as well as a multitude of performance and security tweaks and enhancements. In order to get a taste of them before they officially arrive, Windows 10 users can join Microsoft's Windows 10 Insider Program. Doing so gives you access to all of the latest Windows 10 builds as soon as they're available, and you can help shape the future of the operating system by providing feedback on the new features. However, before joining the Windows 10 Insider Program, be aware that you'll be signing up to use unfinished pre-release software that might not work as it's supposed to.