UX Design is not UI Design -- this is not what we should be talking about


Ever since I started learning about UI/UX/IxD and all those tech buzzwords, I came across a lot of blogs, articles and pictures that illustrates about the difference between UI Design and UX Design. As a fresh new student in this field, I was initially more passionate about UX Design because it looked as if it was more relative to psychology (which I got a Bachelor's degree in) and less about what was known as GUI (or UI). I thought UI Design would be far, far from me since I didn't learn anything about any of those in college. So, I focused more on learning about UX rather than UI and to be honest, I thought UX was more cooler and important than UI. Moreover, it was common to see people around me, raising up their voices about the importance of UX in every little things and how UI can sometimes be less important.

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