Artificial Intelligence: Are We Safe? Lexology


When we hear about artificial intelligence, we frequently are bombarded with notions of ultra-smart robots taking over the world, while either destroying humans, or at least leaving humans in the development dust. The good news, at the time of this writing, is that humans currently do not face that AI existential threat. However, the bad news is that artificial intelligence nevertheless creates present and future safety concerns. As accurately pointed out in a commentary recently posted by, the use of artificial intelligence raises the following risks: This is quite the list of AI safety concerns, and of course, we can think of many more. What is the bottom line? The bottom line here is that we should not currently worry about some distant future in which humans are the slaves of AI-robot masters. But the AI train is out of the station -- artificial intelligence is here and likely to stay. So, we need to dedicate present and mighty focus on how to reduce and even eliminate AI safety risks.