Artificial intelligence is now Intel's major focus


With technology governing almost every aspect of our lives, industry experts are defining these modern times as the "platinum age of innovation"; verging on the threshold of discoveries that could change human society irreversibly, for better or worse. At the forefront of this revolution is the field of artificial intelligence (AI), a technology that is more vibrant than ever due to the acceleration of technological progress in machine learning – the process of giving computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed – as well as the realisation by big tech vendors of its potential. One major tech behemoth fuelling the fire of this fast-moving juggernaut is Intel, a company that has long invested in the science and engineering of making computers more intelligent. The Californian company held an "AI Day" in San Francisco showcasing its new strategy dedicated solely to AI, with the introduction of new AI-specific products, as well as investments for the development of specific AI-related tech. And Alphr was in town to hear all about it.