Edge Computing Trends for 2020 & the Next Decade


Phillip Marangella, CMO for EdgeConneX explores how edge data centers can help us rearchitect the internet in a way that will support the flood of data and massive traffic flows generated by emerging technologies like AI, cloud gaming, VR/AR and multi-cloud deployments, and more. The internet was not constructed to handle the traffic flows of today, and it's only going to get more congested in the coming months and years. Traditionally, traffic flows on the internet have largely been download-centric and networks have been built out to support those flows. However, the gravity of data and compute has shifted from the core to the edge as a result of technologies like the Internet of Everything (IoE), artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud gaming and HD streaming and virtual reality. There is much more content and data that is now being created, stored and processed at the edge.

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