After bomb threat 'hoax,' universities face concerns about network security

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Universities across the country are grappling with a series of similar bomb threats sent to campus printers and fax machines over the past two weeks, prompting questions about how attackers were able to gain access to university networks to send the threats. The universities affected include Vanderbilt University, University of Southern California, University of Virginia and University of Detroit-Mercy, among other potential targets. Businesses around the nation have also been on the receiving end of the bomb threats, ranging in location from Asheville, N.C. and Grand Forks, N.D. to Detroit, Mich., Fairview Park, Ohio and Pompton Lakes, N.J. The threats appear to be part of a nationwide scam, according to the Citizen-Times in Asheville. Universities and businesses found print-outs, faxes and emails asking for a ransom to be paid by Western Union in the amount of $25,000 to a Brazilian citizen, Asheville police told the Citizen-Times.

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