Twitter acquires Fabula AI to strengthen its machine learning expertise


Machine learning plays a key role in powering Twitter and our purpose of serving the public conversation. To continually advance the state of machine learning, inside and outside Twitter, we are building out a research group at Twitter, led by Sandeep Pandey, to focus on a few key strategic areas such as natural language processing, reinforcement learning, ML ethics, recommendation systems, and graph deep learning. We are excited to announce that, to help us get there, we have acquired Fabula AI (Fabula), a London-based start-up, with a world-class team of machine learning researchers who employ graph deep learning to detect network manipulation. Graph deep learning is a novel method for applying powerful ML techniques to network-structured data. The result is the ability to analyze very large and complex datasets describing relations and interactions, and to extract signals in ways that traditional ML techniques are not capable of doing.

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